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Trusted Medical & Travel Assistance from CareJet

CareJet began offering medical and travel assistance to tourists, residents, and businesses in 2006. Since then, we have provided incomparable services throughout all of the Philippines’ many islands. No matter where you are or where you are going, you can expect great medical attention from our staff. Our medical assistance services include transport to medical facilities, as well as home and hotel visits. But most importantly, we provide medical care from highly-trained doctors and nurses to improve your chances of a full recovery from a traumatic incident or health scare. Since we are so familiar with the area, we can quickly navigate your location and provide prompt medical assistance.

But our specialties are not exclusive to those in need of medical attention. We also provide comprehensive travel assistance services to individuals leaving the Philippines for business or pleasure. Our case specialists have a wealth of resources at their disposal throughout the country to aid travelers with legal assistance, document replacement services, repatriations, and more. We are familiar with the area and Filipino culture, so let us handle the stress of finding the right accommodations for you.

CareJet medical staff with emergency equipment

Experience Within the Philippines

The Philippines is our home. Knowledge of the islands, their locations, and their amenities is something we have cultivated throughout our lives. We have the expertise of working with local medical facilities and service providers to ensure you get all the assistance you need. Thanks to our experience and credibility in the Philippines, we can offer unparalleled services. CareJet delivers the highest level of care and professionalism in our industry.

Professional Partnerships in the Area

To offer you the best medical and travel assistance possible, we have partnered with the leading professional associations in our industry. CareJet is the Preferred Emergency Medical Assistance & Air Ambulance Partner of the Philippine College of Emergency Medicine (PCEM), a professional association for all emergency medicine physicians within the Philippines. CareJet is also the exclusive Assistance Partner in the Philippines for the International Assistance Group. Building these relationships has helped validate our reputation for providing trustworthy and dependable medical and travel assistance. Our team has also worked for many companies worldwide to help our travelers get the support they need after leaving the country. Our expert team can take care of booking hotel rooms, flights, and more. We operate a state-of-the-art modern office to ensure responsiveness 24 hours per day, so call us at any time to discuss how we can help you.

International Assistant Group Partner
AIR Ambulance Partner

Experts in Medical Assistance & Air Ambulance Evacuation