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Local Experience Helps Travelers to the Philippines

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US/Canada +1 833 227 3538
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CareJet Is There When You Need Us Most

When traveling to one of the Philippines’ 7,106 islands, there may come a time when you need to seek medical attention. CareJet connects you with doctors and specialists who can treat whatever ails you. Whether you are suffering from a stomach ache or require minor surgery, we can arrange an appointment for you with the best medical practitioner in the area. We offer other helpful medical services for when your issue becomes severe enough to necessitate a trip home. Our case managers will arrange air ambulance services or commercial repatriations while working with your insurance provider to ensure cashless transactions. We can also schedule appointments with dentists, optometrists, and any other specialists you need while you are in the Philippines.

When you are traveling, you may also encounter issues with the law or lose your passport. For these circumstances CareJet offers travel assistance services. We can connect you with your embassy to enable safe travel or a lawyer if necessary. Additionally, if your wallet is stolen, we can provide cash advances to get you through your trip. Our team is on the ground in the Philippines and have excellent relationships with all of the expert service providers that can help you. Rely on our staff to assist with travel and medical assistance when you are in the Philippines.

emergency helicopter

Aircraft Used for Medical Assistance

The scope of your medical needs – as well as the point of origin, destination, and type of equipment you require – will help us determine which aircraft to use. We specialize in quickly and safely transporting travelers to a medical facility where they can receive exceptional healthcare services. We have access to aircraft such as:

  • Cessna Citation XLS 360
  • Challenger 600
  • King Air 350
  • Bell 429 Helicopter
  • Agusta AW169 Helicopter
Asian triage nurse uses a tablet while talking with female patient

CareJet’s Exclusive Medical Partners

CareJet is the exclusive Assistance Partner in the Philippines for the International Assistance Group. We are also the Preferred Emergency Medical Assistance and Air Ambulance Partner of the Philippine College of Emergency Medicine (PCEM). PCEM is the professional association for all emergency medicine physicians in the Philippines, and it recognizes and lauds our expertise in providing safe, efficient emergency medical assistance and air ambulance transport.

Why Choose CareJet?

Choosing a team with local expertise and credible partners in their respected fields is essential when you need travel and medical assistance away from home. CareJet offers both. Since our company’s inception, we have been working with medical and travel companies throughout the islands to build the best relationships possible for our clients. As a result, we can provide whatever travel or medical assistance you need during your stay in the Philippines. Let the staff at CareJet help you when you need it most.

International Assistant Group Partner
AIR Ambulance Partner