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House and Hotel Calls for Immediate Medical Care

The islands of the Philippines are a beautiful destination for travelers from all around the world. But not all islands have the amenities to which you are accustomed at home. You may not be a short drive away from top-tier medical care – there may not even be a medical facility on your island. But if you get into an accident or fall ill while visiting, there is no need to worry because CareJet is here to help. When you need medical care and cannot make it to a hospital, our team will schedule house and hotel calls. CareJet has access to the best doctors, nurses, physical therapists, respiratory specialists, and more. We can arrange prescription delivery or necessary IV services in your hotel or home, as well as checkups when you are not feeling well and do not want to wait in an ER. The CareJet team has relationships with many different facilities and care providers in the Philippines. These relationships allow us to send the most-respected medical professionals in their field to you quickly.

Asian triage nurse uses a tablet while talking with female patient

Trusted Medical Attention and Services Wherever You Are

CareJet is the exclusive Assistance Partner in the Philippines of the International Assistance Group. Our medical care services are available to all residents, tourists, and business groups on any of the 7,106 islands in the Philippines. Whether you need minor medical attention or are experiencing significant issues, we can help. Our team will also schedule follow-up appointments with the best doctors in the area. We will take care of the upfront costs to ensure a cashless interaction, based on the terms of your insurance coverage. This helps remove the stress often associated with seeking medical care while abroad. Below are some other services we provide:

  • Physician, hospital, dental, and vision referrals
  • Delivery of medication
  • Immunizations
  • Second opinions
  • Consultations
  • Medical monitoring
  • Air or ground ambulance services

How It Works

Step 1

Call or E-mail CareJet’s operations center and speak with a Case Specialist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Step 2

Our Case Specialists open a case file, obtain all necessary information, and arrange for a physician to head to the client’s location.

Step 3

Case Specialists coordinate with the physician and continuously update the payer, obtaining necessary documentation and cost estimate updates along the way.

Step 4

Upon completion of the service, CareJet takes care of the payment on behalf of the payer, ensuring that the client has a hassle-free experience.

Note: Customers who do not have an existing agreement with CareJet may obtain medical and travel assistance services via credit card or bank transfer.

at home doctor visit

Unparalleled Professionalism in Our Industry

When you call CareJet for medical care in your home, hotel, or elsewhere, you can expect a level of expertise unparalleled by our competitors in the industry. The medical professionals at CareJet also maintain malpractice insurance, which many other providers in the region do not have. We dedicate ourselves to providing the highest quality of medical care, no matter where you are. Our efficiency and proficiency ensure you will have the best opportunity for a rapid recovery. Each of our medical professionals is trained in emergency medicine and receives continuing education to stay current with the ever-evolving medical world. At CareJet, your health is our highest priority.

Experts in Medical Assistance & Air Ambulance Evacuation