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CareJet’s Corporate Passport Program

If your company conducts international business, you have a duty of care for your employees who travel abroad and need reliable access to healthcare and travel assistance. CareJet is the team to call if your company is based in the Philippines and is sending employees oversees or receiving visitors from outside the country. Since 2006, we have helped inbound and outbound travelers get the medical attention they need and provided travel assistance to address issues such as a lost passport or trouble with the law. When you enroll in our Corporate Passport program, we will create personalized membership cards with your company’s branding that your employees can keep in their wallets for quick reference. We recognize you are likely unfamiliar with local healthcare options when you travel. Our partnership with the International Assistance Group is paramount in helping travelers while abroad. We will facilitate high-quality medical services when your employees need them most. We understand issues arise while traveling abroad, but we also know your business takes a high priority. Leave the coordination of medical assistance, cash advances, and more to our well-qualified and connected case specialists at CareJet.

Latin american hospital supervisor handshaking with male doctor at the hospital while holding some documents

CareJet Takes Care of Your Employees Health

Coming down with a sickness or getting into an accident while outside of your home country can be scary. You are most likely unfamiliar with the region and unaware of where to go to receive necessary medical attention. When you travel to and from the Philippines, there is no better ally to have in these circumstances than CareJet. We are the exclusive Assistance Partner in the Philippines for the International Assistance Group. This partnership allows us to find medical assistance throughout the world. From eye doctors to physical therapists, we have access to them all. And since we take care of the upfront bill, there is no delay for your required services. We can also arrange an air ambulance or commercial repatriation service to get you home. Below are some of the other medical attention services covered by our Corporate Passport program:

  • Physician, hospital, dental, and vision referrals
  • Home and hotel medical visits
  • Home and hotel physical therapy and nursing services
  • Expert medical opinions
  • Medical monitoring and liaising with patient’s insurer or payer
  • Fit-to-fly assessments
  • Ground ambulance services
  • Air Ambulance service

How It Works

Step 1

Call or E-mail CareJet’s operations center and speak with a Case Specialist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Step 2

CareJet will work with you to better understand the nature of your business and your travelers’ requirements.

Step 3

CareJet will provide you with an agreement, a line of credit for cashless services, and guidelines that can be disseminated to your travelers.

Step 4

CareJet’s Case Specialists remain available around-the-clock to provide your travelers with medical and travel assistance, when they need it most.

Note: CareJet provides you with periodic reporting so that you can monitor the utilization of the Corporate Passport program.

Travel Assistance Services with CareJet’s Corporate Passport

You can count on CareJet for more than expert medical attention when your employees travel for business. Once you decide that your team needs to travel, allow us to assume the responsibility of helping with issues such as lost passports or getting your employees cash advances if they lose their wallets. We can also organize all of your travel arrangements to take the stress off your shoulders. Our case specialists pride themselves on helping companies that rely on worldwide travel. Our Corporate Passport program sets your employees up for success while traveling to foreign lands. We provide the following travel assistance services:

  • Airline bookings
  • Hotel reservations
  • Ground transportation arrangements
  • Lost passport assistance
  • Referral to attorneys for legal consultations
  • Assistance in tracing and processing claims for lost luggage
  • Referral to interpreters
doctor with patient

CareJet Takes Care of Your Employees While Abroad

We are eager to provide medical care and travel assistance for local companies doing global business. Traveling to an unfamiliar country, while exciting, can be worrisome, but our team can help quell any fears your staff may have. Our care and consideration for your guests and employees are unparalleled by any other medical or travel companies in the area, so take advantage of our Commercial Passport program today.

Experts in Medical Assistance & Air Ambulance Evacuation