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CareJet Wins 2018 IAG Corporate Social Responsibility Award of the Year

Just last week, President Rodrigo Duterte signed a law that seeks to strengthen the Philippine Government’s response to the growing number of HIV-AIDS cases in the country. A much needed and positive step forward, but while the Philippine government is making life-saving treatment accessible to people living with HIV regardless of their level of income, there are still Filipinos that do not know their HIV status and even more worrying,…

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CareJet Wins 2019 IAG Marketing Excellence of the Year Award.

Proud recipient of the International Assistance Group’s 2019 Marketing Excellence Award of the Year! 🏆 🏅 IAG recognized CareJet for its joint marketing campaign with PCEM

CareJet is honored to be the Preferred Medical Assistance and Air Ambulance Partner of the Philippine College of Emergency Medicine and the IAG exclusive Assistance Partner in the Philippines Photo caption –CareJet President and CEO Anthony Decoste…

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