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CareJet Helps Get You Medical Attention and More

If you are living, working, or vacationing on a small island in the Philippines, you should call CareJet for exceptional air ambulance services. Our team has been serving international travelers, insurance companies, embassies, and multinational corporations since 2006. Hospitals and medical facilities are not present on all of the Philippine islands, so an air ambulance may be necessary if you need prompt medical attention. Receiving medical care during the first hour after a traumatic injury directly correlates to the chances of survival or recovery, so it is essential to act quickly. Every flight our case specialists arrange includes highly-trained medical professionals. Our aircraft serve as flying intensive care units, allowing our doctors and nurses to provide emergency care during the critical transportation phase until you arrive at your destination. CareJet works with your insurance company to cover everything based on your needs and policy. By working together, we get you the best care possible.

Nurses and pilot carrying patient on stretcher to helicopter

Preferred Emergency Medical Assistance & Air Ambulance

Our team effectively communicates with ground units to ensure you receive the best care and health services from the time we pick you up until you arrive at your destination. Our expert medical services and rapid transportation have been the difference between life and death for many residents, businesspeople, and tourists. We arrange your flight service with the goal of providing quick, efficient care. You can rest easy knowing your care specialists will monitor your case and receive consistent updates on your status.

How It Works

Step 1

Call or E-mail CareJet’s operations center and speak with a Case Specialist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Step 2

Our Case Specialists open a case file, obtain all necessary information regarding the client’s location, medical history, and current condition.

Step 3

CareJet’s Medical Director communicates with the client’s Attending Physician to discuss the client’s fitness to fly, as well as any preparations that need to be made prior to the transfer.

Step 4

With all necessary approvals secured, CareJet’s Emergency Physician and Flight Nurse fly to the client’s location and provide expert care en-route to their destination.

Step 5

CareJet’s Case Specialists provide the payer with a post-mission debrief after ensuring the successful endorsement of the client to the receiving physician.

Note: Customers who do not have an existing agreement with CareJet may obtain air ambulance services via credit card or bank transfer.

EMT walking towards helicopter

Commercial Repatriations for Medical Assistance

Commercial repatriations help those who need medical transport back to their home country while visiting the Philippines. If you need to return home, our staff can book space on a commercial flight that allows for discretion and a medical care provider to monitor your vital signs. The airline will remove seats and install curtains to give you privacy while on your journey home for personalized medical attention. This is far less expensive than attempting to hire a specialized air ambulance or a private plane. However, if you have a serious emergency or communicable illness, an air ambulance or private plane may be your best option.

We can also take care of transporting mortal remains in the case of an untimely death. CareJet will return an individual’s remains to his or her country to prevent the stress of a loved one having to arrange transit. These delicate situations should be handled by professionals such as the team at CareJet. We will obtain the proper permits and certificates and arrange an autopsy before scheduling a flight to return the remains.

Experts in Medical Assistance & Air Ambulance Evacuation